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Once again, up against the self-imposed deadline of the calendar because I have some sort of need to not disappoint the internet. It’s foolish, but it keeps me a little bit honest, so let’s roll with it.

This poem was tapped directly into the machine and then pasted here for your reading enjoyment without any editing or a whole lot of planning. Hope you enjoy it.

life don't take prisoners

there's no camp & barbed wire 
except what we make for ourselves
& the bastards only get so much power
as you're willing to give them.

an entire movie was filmed
during Nazi occupation of Paris -
a full production with costumes &
crowds, filmed under their noses.

under the most oppressive regimes,
there has been dancing & laughter
that spits in the eye of whatever 
those in power have in mind.

life will wring every last drop out of you
but also gives gifts if you're willing to look -
a smile there or a kiss stolen in secret
are all that we need sometimes.