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Doesn’t everyone have a favorite tree?

Probably not, so I won’t bother waiting for your answer.

Once again, this one is straight outta the journal with the absolute minimum of editing.

ain't it a pity?

they've cut down my favorite tree.

not if it was oak or elm,
but it was beautiful to me.

it was leafy & green in summer,
a twisted halloween
carnival creature during winter.

in fact, after it'd shed leaves
is when i became my favorite.

three quarters of the way from the ground,
it'd been ripped apart by some storm,
leaving a deadened trunk...

but it kept growing around that
because no one told it not to.

it stood right in front of a house,
probably too close for comfort or safety
& spread in odd directions -

it wasn't a postcard or painting tree,
but maybe the before photo
in an arborist's portfolio.

it was rangy & unkempt
& i loved staring at it.

now, in the name of property
& the common good, it's gone.
only the stump remains -
a far uglier thing
than my tree ever was -
all because someone
wanted a better view.

i've heard
they do this with people
as well,

so i'm keeping an eye out
for the saws.

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