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First off, thank you to everyone for their kind words regarding yesterday’s post and our precious Mia.

This week’s poem is from a few weeks back, during another burst of late night creativity. This time, I was reading Pablo Neruda and wondering if I’d ever write anything quite as good as what that man set down on paper. I don’t have – or necessarily want – the answer to that question, because I’m more than happy just setting down what I can for my own pleasure.

So anyways, here’s Wonderwall…

i’m told these times are evil,
& the years have claws -
broken windows for eyes
& a rusty nail soul.
truths held self evident once
are now trampled underfoot
by those armed to the teeth
with their own righteous ideas.
our cursed interesting times
tick away too slowfast
for understanding -
& once more,
we hide from minutes
while hours slide under the door. 

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