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Part of the reason I enjoy Word Wednesday is that it gives me a good excuse to go back through dusty old digital folders looking for something to post. Sometimes, that’s all I find. Other times, it’s like opening a time capsule into where my head was at during a particular time.

This one comes from 2016, and to make things more interesting, I actually spent a bit of time editing this one before posting it here. Date stamps on some of these poems are unreliable because I swapped apps somewhere along the way and have opened many from time to time, but something about this one feels like it was written towards the end of that year.

blue notes

the more years wither & pass, i am convinced
that the world’s soundtrack is jazz.
mundane, sicky-sweet, saccharine-smooth
& then insane, blistering atonal sun-ra collisions at others.
myself, i prefer the john coltrane moments:
soulful tone looping over blue melodies packed with surprises -
& when it all goes sideways, there’s still
the calm from being in the hands of a master.