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Don’t get all excited, I’m not changing things up too much on this beloved feature of the blog – it’s just a clever title.

A lot of the poems I post are older. I’ve come to realize that the reason is because I’ve been lazy in writing new poems over the last year. Which is terrible (because it’s something I enjoy doing) and causes a lot of problems for me (because it’s corking up a lot of stuff that needs to get out.

So let’s fix that.

This is a poem fresh off the screen this morning with zero editing and very little thought as to where it’ll eventually wind up. Enjoy.

the new

with the new 
comes old:
fears, transgressions,
impressions, tears,
& a general rending
of whatever
we thought we 

i’m told this is normal.

but a small thing
in the back of my head
tells me this 
isn’t so.

who to