word wednesday | poetry poem writing | todd regoulinsky

There are times when I wonder where some of these poems come from.

But most of the time, I’m just glad they keep coming.


as i dissolve into nothingness, i ask this question:
“were i to pass from one particle to another, would
your particles miss mine?”

she pauses for the briefest of moments to consider,
perhaps only a few milliseconds, but seemingly
forever in the atomic realm.

“yours is a truly special attraction, drawing me closer
and closer until, bounded together at the deepest levels,
we are indistinguishable…”

another pause, another millennia of moments
passes from one into the other, suns explode, and stars
birth other stars, and she continues:

“…but we will never be truly our own, an element
only known to itself - only a combination, pushed together
and accelerated to impossible speeds”

so that was the note she left, and it had to be respected
because science doesn’t lie, math doesn’t lie,
and our attraction was never quantum in nature.