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The Friday Five is a list of things that I’m thankful for, inspired by, or have found interesting over the last week.

#1 – Ibrahim Maalouf – S3NS … This listening recommendation came by way of a Tim Ferriss newsletter. Maalouf is a French-Lebanese trumpeter and composer that combines a variety of musical styles and genres into his songs. I’ve been listening to this album most of the week and put it on last night during family card time and it was a big hit with both Kim and Kaelin. Seems as though his website shop is down, but you can find his music streaming just about everywhere.

#2 – Mingo Fishtrap – “Sugadoo”Mingo Fishtrap is an Austin jam band that I’ve known about for awhile and yet somehow neglected to get into heavy listening rotation. Not sure how active they are these days, but they did record a new song and video during COVID with Delbert McClinton and Ariel Posen, which is lovely.

#3 – Sam & Dave – “Hold On I’m Coming (Live)” … Not sure what to tell you here, but if you’re not moving while this is playing, you best call for the hearse.

#4 – Peter Gabriel – “Digging In The Dirt (Live)” … For some reason, I went looking for this song early in the week while riding on the bike. Kind of an odd craving, but it turned out to a great choice. I like this live version because of how disconcerting it is and also because it highlights how willing Gabriel is to go in terms of communicating a feeling during a performance.

#5 – Elevation Worship – “Rattle!” … This was in heavy rotation for me last week since I was leading it for a recording session at church for an upcoming livestream. Needless to say, I was pretty hoarse by the time we got through with that one.

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