There are times when I’ll have music on while writing. It can be a pleasant way to add a little life into the room, drown out whatever might be happening outside – a bit of functional white noise. Sometimes, the rhythm works its way into the poem itself and I find myself typing as fast as I can to finish before the song ends, hoping to keep the magic going long enough to complete the thought.

This poem was written six years ago and fortunately, I noted down what I was listening to while writing. Zero editing done so far, but it’s a nice little hunk of language. Maybe it’ll grow up to be something some day.

fury and sound

there are times when it seems - i’m conglomeration of a corporation
and everyone in the whole damn world seems to own a share
everywhere i turn there’s another opinion being published in my face
me, i’m just searching for a tiny bit of grace and my own fair share

see everyone loves it when you’re smiling in the sun
but don’t they scatter when the rainclouds come rolling in
it doesn’t take a flash of lightning to see that we’re all alone at one time or another
so just keep those observations to yourself if you please my brother
but don’t you worry about me,  not even a little bit
it may seem like i’m going down in flames this time around
there’s a hundred kinds of death inside my heart and my head
but you can’t deny the beat of the fury and the sound

And here’s what I was listening to – “Talk To Me Now” by Ani DiFranco from her 1990 self-titled album.