photo by Todd Regoulinsky |

“God wants us to walk, but the devil sends a limo.”

Val Kilmer

It’s not often that I cite the wisdom of Iceman, but the beginning of a new week is a good time to remember that the right thing most times takes longer than we’d like it to. Sure, that shortcut would be quicker and might even be a little bit easier, but is there something to be gained from going the full distance?

This is a struggle for me because it means differentiating between efficiency in tasks and gaining a full experience for knowledge and understanding. That’s not always easy. There’s a line in there somewhere and a lot of time, I race right over it and only notice afterwards.

So this week, I’m looking at the things I can cut short and the things that I need to experience fully. A few things come to mind immediately, but it looks like it’s time to make some more lists!