my new daily planner |

Let me be honest here. My morning routine has stagnated a bit. I’m still getting my work out in (and adding some variations) and trying to wake up at about the same time every day (giving myself the occasional extra hour or two of sleep on a day off).

But the creative part has hit a plateau. Blogging has been good because it gives me an excuse to find something to write about each day, and in spite of missing some days, I’ve been happy with my consistency. Aside from that? Not much has been happening.

Then I saw this yesterday from C. Robert Cargill:

I’ve seen variations of the “do this thing and check it off” plan before, but it’s never worked for me. I was all set to let this one pass me by as well because do I really need something else to do each day? Until I thought of where it could sit in my daily routine.

One page. I could probably crank that out in under thirty minutes, right? Even if it’s bad, even if it doesn’t go anywhere. I could get that done and make it part of my morning routine, right?

If I keep asking myself these questions, I’ll eventually start nodding along and maybe even convince myself. Right?!

So this is my plan. 114 business days (including today) left in 2020, one page each morning. Bad or good, it’s a check in the box. Full of drivel or a Milius-level work of monologue artistry, it’s a check in the box.

Wish me luck.