It’s windy, cold, and rainy outside right now. The kind of day when I’m usually glad to no longer working for FedEx because it’d mean a day spent chilled to the bone, working against the elements, and wrapping almost every delivery in a plastic bag to keep it from being ruined. The kind of day when a cup of coffee and staring out the window makes me think I’m glad to be inside.

Except that right now, I can’t focus on a damn thing. My thoughts are more Jackson Pollock than da Vinci, scattered without many discernible patterns.

My things to do list is to my left and my creative list of things to do is on my right, but systems are failing me at the moment. Wes Montgomery is on the turntable, laughing at his band as they cook along. And I want to go outside and run around for no good reason other than the fact it’s not something I’d normally do.

I’m not sure what to call this feeling aside from Monday.