Here’s a collection of some of the things from this week that I’ve enjoyed, been inspired by, want to share, or are grateful for.

  1. “Be In Love” – Various Maine Artists, Playing For Change Day 2012. This is something a friend sent to me this morning and reminded me of how good this was. It’s also all the feels for reminding me that even through separation, connection can happen and be maintained. It might take a little more work, but it’s worth it.
  2. Sound City. Such a fantastic documentary that combines so many things that I love. The fact that nobody is able to really explain what made this studio special acoustically when it shouldn’t have been is such a beautiful thing. It’s a good reminder that sometimes the most wonderful things are unexplainable. You can watch it now on YouTube for free with some commercials.
  3. Secondhand exercise equipment. A lot of people buy treadmills, exercise bikes, and home gyms with the best of intentions to get in shape and change their lifestyle… and then within six months, the gear has become glorified coat racks. I’m not here to motivate those folks, but to say that I’ve profited on the other side. The stationary bike in my garage that I’ve been using for at least three years now cost 50 bucks and the guy was willing to drop if off at my house to be rid of it. At this point, I’m making money on the deal, and it really pays off on a rainy, cold morning like this when I couldn’t get out if I wanted to.
  4. Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter. I’ve stolen a lot from this guy, but figure it’s all fair game since he literally wrote the book on artistic theft. Each Friday morning, his newsletter arrives at my inbox and my creativity is the better for it.
  5. My daughter’s sketchbook. When we’re watching a movie or catching up on some TV show, my daughter usually has a sketchbook in front of her and has been doing it for years. Her artistic skills have always been fascinating to me – the characters, the backgrounds, the perspective drawing. It’s so inspiring and heartwarming to me watching her create.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you’re new around these parts, check out some of my most recent posts below.