I’ll level with you, dear reader – no way no how do I feel like writing or posting anything this morning. Little bit of frost over everything like winter’s last gasp, a desaturated look to the morning… these are not a few of my favorite things. However, if there’s one thing that’s worth doing even when you don’t want to (besides exercise), it’s writing. So here’s a little something from last year that’s been dusted off and touched up a bit for your reading pleasure.

this one is for you, sucker

catching the first moments of day:
soft sheets on coarse skin,
grey light over trees,

waiting on the drip of coffee.
it seems so quiet
even with birds & cars,

and i wish it’d stay like this
forever, but also don’t.

i look around the room,
at each object - each thing,
silently thinking: “someone
made that”
and it all seems so pointless.

a bottle cap - a good, practical invention -
is better by far
than most of what i surround
myself with.

but is guilt for suckers?