The human mind is a weird, wonderful, and ultimately, terrifying place to live. I don’t recommend it, but since nobody consulted me prior to the urban planning, it seems we’re all stuck here anyways. It’s a place where we can simultaneously have an overly-inflated sense of ourselves and our place in the world while also having thoughts like “Gee, I hope people aren’t disappointed reading my blog“.

Yup, that’s seriously a thought that ran through my head while deciding what to write about this morning. Somewhere inside this three pounds of spongy thing called the brain, that thought sprouted and was deemed important information to communicate to my conscious self.

Perfect. Because I don’t have enough to worry about.

Maybe you are disappointed with the content here. Maybe you were expecting something much more informational and entertaining. If so, I’d suggest trying the content two blogs down on the right – they do a great job of plastering over all their own inherent insecurities, self-doubt, and emotional damage with a rather zippy assortment of cat videos and recipes. I mean, you have to wade through that ten page story about how they discovered this dish and now grow all the ingredients in their personal garden and also make their own earthenware pottery and cookware from scratch that makes you feel angry and also criminally unaccomplished as a human, but still… the muffins usually turn out pretty good.

Let’s be honest here, if you stumbled across this tiny outpost on the outer rim of the interwebs… I’m guessing your standards are somewhat flexible. After all, you’re reading the blog of someone with a name that’s really easy to misspell who you’ve either never heard of or maybe went to school with back in the day and are just checking in to see if they’re still alive (surprise!). This isn’t all about life changing wisdom or hacks that will save you time while also improving your yoga practice. This is about some guy with more in-progress creative projects than he’d care to count at any given moment typing out whatever is on his mind at the time. Actually, that’s not true, because normally, the first thing on my mind is what I’m having for lunch. So great, now I’m guilty for lying to you…

Anyways, this is all to say that today is a great day to start putting your brain on notice that it can keep some of that stuff to itself. Let the unconscious play with it for a little while – it loves that stuff. Today is about doing the work – whatever that might be. Could be getting some projects done that’ll earn a paycheck. Could be cleaning out that closet that’s been making a funny smell for a couple days. Could be sitting quietly with yourself and processing whatever stuff you’ve been going through.

Whatever it is, do the work. Find the joy in it wherever you can. If it’s something that can be stamped “DONE” at the end, great. If it’s something that’ll never truly be done, then maybe it’s okay to stick a bookmark in at the end of the day so you know it’s done for now. Either way, best of luck to all of us.

And coffee. Plenty of coffee.