Todd Regoulinsky

Writer, Musician, Graphic Designer

Year: 2020

by felicia |

Bye Felicia

I won’t be shedding any tears watching 2020 walk into the sunset at midnight tonight. Although, let’s be honest – there’s no way this year is going quietly. I fully expect Times Square to be overrun by ogres from another […]

whered you go? |

Where’d You Go?

Apologies to my thousands of readers for my absence over the last week or so. Allow me to explain. Or perhaps I should follow the advice of the great philosopher Inigo Montoya and just sum up? I spent most of […]

do something stupid |

Do Something Stupid

The story of learning to play bass is a strange combination of curiosity, necessity, hubris, and stupidity. I was leading the band at church and we always had trouble finding and keeping bass players, which I was later to find […]